This is meant for information purposes. By no means should anyone at any point state that this is meaningful evidence that any of these individual characteristics is a part of Penguin's algorithm.

VariableMean SpearmanFreq
URL Trust Flow 1+ Std Deviation Below Mean-0.02748233142864918%
URL Citation Flow 1+ Std Deviation below Mean-0.0513274453141710%
Domain Trust Flow 1+ Std Deviation Below Mean0.08005692230545126%
Domain Citation Flow 1+ Std Deviation Below Mean-0.01978928713651713%
URL No Edu Links-0.01189351189372169%
URL No Gov Links0.0248150173821688%
Domain No Edu Links0.05474906267044134%
Domain No Gov Links0.1084858265006264%
Highest Root Domain Anchor is Keyword0.0581027297374468%
Highest Root Domain Anchor has Keyword0.03918141478093213%
Highest Link Anchor is Keyword0.0589222939447568%
Highest link Anchor has keyword0.04381520466764914%
Highest MR Anchor is Keyword0.0317787542093795%
Highest MR Anchor has Keyword0.0154520029696619%
Anchors have Keyword0.06201818095295644%
Anchors Are Keyword0.08791065039957929%
Highest Root Domain Anchor for Domain is Keyword0.0268327205758392%
Highest Root Domain Anchor for Domain has Keyword0.0224836522061474%
Highest Link Anchor for Domain is Keyword0.0247952431553582%
Highest link Anchor for Domain has keyword0.0309539944914715%
Highest MR Anchor for Domain is Keyword-0.00178503728858951%
Highest MR Anchor for Domain has Keyword-0.00550914448058083%
Anchors for Domain have Keyword0.07960965920331231%
Anchors for Domain Are Keyword0.1184489028292521%
Is Not Exact0.02376873977208100%
Has Keyword0.01241622486715816%
High Link Velocity0.00868519058889780%
Has Valuable Anchor0.0355527819382687%
Has High Value Anchor0.03846438301327782%
Majority Valuable Anchors0.09532320684973240%
Majority High Value Anchors0.1041205719887833%
Has Article Links0.06067701648584161%
Has Press Releases0.05152052838447349%
Has Guestbooks0.00846806316107284%
Has Forum Links0.02462632130667547%
Has Directory Links0.0441936089639852%
Has Comment Links0.06316778045529615%
High Article Links0.07339184141890642%
High Press Release Links0.03904736539696327%
High Guestbook Links0.00967299587077722%
High Forum Links0.01607078993609125%
High Directory Links0.06739427698766336%
High Comment Links0.0468888129185543%
High MozTrust URL-0.01696329799102599%
High MozTrust Subdomain0.04229080507058399%
High MozTrust Domain0.068424779325502100%
High MozRank URL-0.03571341536061598%
High MozRank Subdomain0.02766165568010799%
High MozRank Domain0.05880087392854199%
High PageAuthority0.01067444733633698%
High DomainAuthority0.07628562237618199%
Low MozTrust URL0.07112862007411959%
Low MozTrust Subdomain0.1683414193286181%
Low MozTrust Domain0.1496162467221686%
Low MozRank URL-0.04602938764475327%
Low MozRank Subdomain0.1202091653068481%
Low MozRank Domain0.1487810710155285%
Low PageAuthority-0.0281402897502284%
Low DomainAuthority-0.0130641514098235%
Title Has Keyword0.01694464461169628%
Page Has Keyword0.03466503342760646%
MozTrust Lower than MozRank URL0.05689419762104992%
MozTrust Lower than MozRank Subdomain0.0503802029343165%
MozTrust Lower than MozRank Domain0.1060760838787651%
Has Sitewide0.02197614853530638%
High Sitewide Rate-0.01556478082950510%
Very High Sitewide Rate-0.0055959185850515%
High CPC Sitewide0.02265791450708227%
KW in H10.0125724292344169%
KW in H20.0128216027924964%
KW 3 in Body0.01834234098117729%
Domain Citation Flow Above Trust Flow0.146372296449985%
Page Citation Flow Above Trust Flow0.09238382638696782%

Avg: 0.014763455672347

STDDEV: 0.0082255600185128

Crude Model: Aggregate risk scores calculated by multiplying each feature's Mean Spearman Correlation Coefficient against the value and then again against the absolute value of the mean spearman correlation (ie: sum(r1*abs(r1)*v1:r68*abs(r68)*v68). The percent of sites hit by Penguin is listed below based on this aggregate score.